Where She Goes to Cry

  • Released: 2005
  • Label: Independent
No. Track Duration
1 Cash Crop 3:08 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames/Brandon Tidwell)

My daddy worked this farm his daddy worked it toI thought I lost it all back in the drought of 92The sun came and turned my landDamn near into desert sandI found myself a brand new plan

Talking about my cash cropIt’s all homegrown cashing in on the seeds I’ve sownJust trying to give the people what they wantTalking about my cash cropRolling it in making a living off of supply and demandGuess you could say my future going up in smoke

A buddy of mine hooked me up with the tools to get me startedI hadn’t had a crop this green in all my years of farmingMoney never smelt so sweet out drying in the barnSee I found a way to keep the farm

I never finished school but I got a higher educationMy daddy would still be proudDespite my occupation

2 Bullets and Scars 4:24 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Charlie Craig)

Underneath this Texas moonI could fell in love with youBut my life is like shifting sandIt’s time to ride but before I goThere are things about me you should knowYou shouldn’t fell in love with who I amI’m a wanted man

Eighteen and desperate stuck in CheyenneI owed some money to a gambling manI wasn’t as fast with a gun as I am nowMoney’s what I had to getAnd there ain’t but one place where the money’s keptI had to rob that bank to pay him by sundownThen I split that town

Now there’s a bounty on my headEverybody wants me deadAnother town another gunI hate this living on the runDon’t know how I ever got this farWith bullets and scars

Damn my luck, now here they comeGirl take my horse and runI’ll say your name with my last breathTwenty rider’s closing inSix bullets for twenty menI’m backed up to hells front stepsI should have won that gambling bet

3 I Want My Heart Back 3:37 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Charlie Craig)

You can keep the moneyYou can have the houseAll those material thingsI can live withoutYou can even have the convertible Cadillac

You can have the picturesHanging on the wallThe souvenirs we savedHoney you can have them allAll I want is my heart back

You don’t have to send itI’ll just come and get itOne less thing of mine you’ll have to packYou can tell your lawyerPut it in writing and I’ll sign thatAll I want is my heart back

Why would you want it?It’s broke can’t you seeAin’t no good to anyoneNobody but meYou’ll just mistreat it you’ve proven that

So tell the oneYou left me forHe ain’t got to worryIf I come knocking on your doorAll I want is my heart back

I may never get it but I just thought I’d ask

4 Where She Goes to Cry 3:13 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames/Charlie Craig)

Said she was going to her mother’sI called and she wasn’t thereHope I didn’t drive her to far this timeShe’s never been gone this long and I’m getting scaredWent by her sister’s house but she hadn’t seen herStopped by her best friends but she wasn’t there eitherThought I knew every thing about her but I found out tonightI don’t know where she goes to cry

Usually when she’s mad she just drive’s around the blockIt aint long till she gets backBoth say were sorry and we make loveBut this time it aint working like thatNobody’s seen or heard from herIt’s like she just dropped off the edge of the earthWish I could take it all backAnd dry the tears from her eyesBut I don’t know where she goes to cry

I been to all the places we hang outI’m starting to believe she doesn’t want to be foundI know where she goes to have a good timeBut I don’t know where she goes to cry

I pulled in the driveway she was already homeI said I’m sorry and I know I was wrongShe fell in my arms as tears filled up her eyesNow I know where she goes to cry

5 What About Arlington 4:17 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Charlie Craig/Shane King)

There’s a man on my TV talking a lotSay’s he can’t give allegiance to a flag under GodThe more I listen to what he had to sayPreaching bout separating church and statePointing to the commandments on the courthouse wallScreaming bout his rights and how we need to tear them offHe wants no crosses on government landHow come nobody’s asking that man

What about ArlingtonThere are thousands of crosses lined up in a rowThe soldiers who died gave their livesFor people they don’t even knowHow could something carved in stoneJust be undoneWhat about are falling daughters and sonsWhat about Arlington

If you take those crosses off those gravesYou mine as well erase those namesAnd all the tears that there mammas criedIn remembrance of their sacrificeTwenty-one bullets fired up in the airSome of us cry but some don’t careWe all have the right of freedom of speechAnd it’s all right if we disagree

It’s one nation under GodThat’s America like it or notFreedoms not free it comes with a costBefore you tear down one more cross

6 Two Teddy Bears 3:08 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Anthony Wayne/Dusty Grooms)

Not halfway down the sidewalkShe saw her daddies’ car coming up the streetShe was so excited this time he was picking her up for a weekWondering where they’ll go this timeAnd how come momma always stays behind

She’s got two houses, two bedsTwo swings that’s more than most kids haveShe’s got 4 parents; she’s got to shareOne broken heart and two teddy bears

The horn blows and momma runs from insideShe kisses her daddy and tells him goodbyeRuns towards the house as he unloads the bagsAnd she tells her momma what a good time she’s hadHe kisses her on the cheekAnd say’s I’ll call you later on this week

She hates to leave one for the otherSometimes she needs her dadAnd sometimes she needs her mother

7 Hurricane Creek 3:09 Read Lyrics
(John Abernathy/Shaun Ames)

Sippin on some whiskeyI stole from the liquor cabinetDaddy would have tanned our hidesIf ever found out about itSo I filled the half empty bottle’s upWith iced tea and tap waterAnd head on down to Mr. Fuqua’s farmTo see his fine looking daughter

With a six pack of tall boys and fishing polesSkinny-dipping in the swimming holeSeeking shelter from the summertime heatIn the shades on the bank of hurricane

Old man Tucker was a Vietnam vetHe lived on the streetsThe war messed with his headHe seamed to get crazierAs the summer days they hotterSo every now and then I’d hook him up with a dimeHe’d hook me up with some Redding’s wineThen I’d head on down to see Mr. Fuqua’s daughter

By that old willow tree where we let our close dryNothing between us but the sweet moonlightShe made a man out of meDown on Hurricane Creek

8 Not the Only One 4:09 Read Lyrics
(Shaun Ames)

A shot of whiskey and a genuine draftBring me the bottle I don’t need no glassJust keep em coming I’m not even close to being doneCause I found out today I’m not the only one

Thought I was the only one who loved herI thought I was the only one being lovedHow could I been so naïve on this barstoolNow I grieve cause I’m not the only one

Why do bars have mirrors the last thing I want to see?Is this pathetic look on my face and all of my misery?And what’s with that damn jukebox driving me insaneIt’s just a constant reminder that I’m in all this painCause I’m not the only one

I thought it was me and youAt least you could have done was say that were throughInstead of going out there behind my backAnd me having to find out like that

9 Bloods Thicker Than Wine 4:39 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Maggie O’Neal)

She came to me tonight, crying on my shoulderShe said, “I’m through with him, this time it’s really over”She said, “I made myself a promise, the next time he came thru that doorDrunk again…I wouldn’t take it any more”

Is blood thicker than wineWhich one would you rather spend your timeYou can have the bottle, or your familyBut you’ll have to make up your mindIt’s one or the other, so you’ll have to decideYou better ask yourself, “Is Blood Thicker Than Wine”

She says, “I’ve done all I can do,” but he denies that he needs helpHow can you love someone, who doesn’t love themselvesShe says, “I’d love to believe him, but I’ve heard those lies beforeAnd whiskey’s, so much easier than love is to pour”

10 Whiskey Lake 4:07 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Dusty Grooms/Marvin Cotham/Chad Crane)

Old man Marshall, lived about a half-a-mileAbout a half mile down the roadAlways had a bottle in his handAlways had a story to be toldWe’d sit for hours down at that ole’ fishing holeI remember this one ole story that he told

On the other side of the creek, back in the woods, the hills would meetOn over around the bend there stood a house that was made for sinWhere the ladies dressed in diamonds… and their sequins, and their pearlsAnd for half the cost of a night on the town, they could take you around the worldAll the men knew all about it, when you couldn’t find a dateAll you had to do was go fishing, down at Whiskey Lake

He said, “I first heard about it, back in 1933Followed some directions that this old man gave to me”He said, “Son, I’ve never been there, but the stories I have heardI could never explain it, Son, No I could never find the words”

He said, “That’s been 50 years, time I can’t replaceMy favorite memories, take me back to Whiskey Lake”

11 Another Promise 4:47 Read Lyrics
(Jami Grooms/Dusty Grooms/Jessie Scisson)

Listen close Mr. bartender, to the kind of man that I amThe kind of man who walks away from the painThe kind of man, wants to be in loveWhile he’s walking through the pouring rainBut he’s not quite man enough to,Stand behind the promise that he made

Sit down on that barstool and bring the ashtray with youAnd tell me if you think I’m wrongCuz this time I just might be rightSee I got another promise I got another heartI’ve got to break tonight

When I was 21 well I hit the road and left a life behindA pretty girl and my baby boy; you know he looked just like meI opened the door then I turned aroundNo I never even said goodbyeI got to many places I’ve to see lord knowsGot too many things I’ve got to tryYou see I’ve got another promise got another heartI’ve got to break tonight

Here I am again tonight stuck here in the same old situationStaring down a bottle instead of the problem that I ‘m facingMr. bartender as soon as I finish this cigaretteI’m gonna go and hurt a woman I aint never gonna forgetCuz I got another promise I got another heartI’ve got to break tonight and it aint rightYou see I’ve got another promise got another heart I’ve got to break tonight

12 Dare to Dream 3:47 Read Lyrics
(Smoky Mountain Mamma)

(Jami Grooms)

Smokey mountain mamma lay your love on meHold me in your arms until I fall a sleepI know you’re not mine but at least I can pretendYou’ll still love me if I come this way again

If I could dare to dreamWould you fly away with me?And dance out on the beamsOf the sun out on the seaAnd we can make loveTo the rhythm of the wavesIf you can dare to dreamI know we can find a way

Smokey mountain mamma don’t you start to cryWon’t be long till morning and I’ll say good byeI wish you’d come with me But you say that you can’t leaveSo I’ll just lie in your arms and try hard to believe

Smokey mountain mammaLay your love on me