Out of the Fire

  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Independent
No. Track Duration
1 Never Gonna Talk to You Again 3:35 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Don Sampson)

He said either go to school son or get a job
I guess I told him when I flipped him off
I’m eighteen don’t tell me what to do
The back tires burning off that old Chevelle
Was my way of saying you can go to hell
This is where it ends with me and you

I aint never gonna talk to you again
This is it and that’s the way it is
All I know is as long as I live
I aint never gonna talk to you again

Spent the next five years either drunk or stoned
The 2 or 3 times I went back home
It was good to see mom but when it came to me and him
He’d start in preaching about wrong and right
I’d mumble something bout it being my life
Twenty three acting like a punk ass kid

I sat down once
To write the old man a letter
And I almost called to tell him
How I got my act together

I broke down crying when I got the news
Yelling at the phone this cant be true
After all these years dad I still can’t believe

2 Break Out the Rowdy 2:55 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Ira Dean)

If a kick drum
Going thump thump
Don’t turn you on
Then turn then around and take it back to town
Better sit this one out
I’ll warn you son its about to get loud
If some tailgating
A little Hell raising
A lot misbehaving
To cash and Waylon
Sounds like your kind of thing

Dust off your crazy
Call up your baby
Tell her get her pretty on
twist off the lid
Take a big swig
Of hell yeah the work weeks gone
Put on your kick its
till the sun comes up
put your boot in that gas
Of your pick up truck
Skip out of town
Like you broke out of county
Crank it up son
Break out the rowdy

If feeling hand cuffed
Chained up
Fenced in
From that 50 hour week thats working overtime
Bout to loose your mind
draw the line
Straight here then its party time

3 Beautiful Cry 3:03 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shane Thompson/Alex Dooley)

The night we met
We talked right thru the sunrise
Falling in love
Then making love for the first time
Knowing when you say I do you’ll be my wife
And that baby were having a baby look in your eyes

That flood of emotion
The gates wide open
Feelings you just can’t hide
Just holding on
Out of control
Heart and soul collide
It’s a beautiful cry

Baby I know you think
I don’t break down
The man I am sometimes
Don’t make a sound
But being in your arms
In this moment so real
Baby don’t ever wonder if I feel
Cause I feel

Like when a soldier coming home
The cancer being gone
A subtle as a newborns cry
Thats a beautiful cry

4 Shelter from the Storm 2:55 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames)

You only want me when it hurts
You only call me when it’s late
You know me and
I could never turn you away

It’s always that second glass of wine
That keeps you from going home
You don’t call me out of love
Your just afraid to be alone

I’m only shelter from the storm
Somewhere you can run to
My arms are familiar safe and warm
When that sun shine thru
You’ll leave me
Wanting to be so much more
Than just shelter from the storm

I don’t know how long I can
Pretend that this is alright
But since your here
Why don’t you stay the night

Your not the only one who
Feels that cold wind blowing
Empty and alone
Is how I feel when your going

Is it wrong that I pray that you’ll have a bad day
So you’ll find your way into my arms tonight

5 Let’s Take This to a Tailgate 2:27 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Cole Swindle)

Pulled up in the drive way
Gravel flying running late
Hoping that she’d understand
She was standing on the front porch
Pony tail and short shorts
Cold beer in each hand
She said i don’t need no night on the town
Boy you know what I want right now

Lets take this to a tailgate
Back up to a creek bank
Jump up in the bed (hey)
Get a little love made
I love the way your truck rides
But let’s burn up some moonlight
And take it easy on that old gas tank
Take this to a tailgate

She pointed thru the windshield
Said cut right thru that corn field
I know a place tucked back up in the pines
Radio up all the way
She likes her country damn Strait
And dirty dancing in my taillights
I’m stomping on the gas she’s shifting gears
All up in my lap whispering in my ear

6 Playing with Fire 3:20 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Alex Dooley/Shaun Ames)

You look like trouble
Yeah your showing all the signs
The so many red flags between
That black dress and those blue eyes
Damn those eyes

There’s more behind that kiss
You gave me soft and subtle
You say your old man burned you
Well let’s make that drink a double
Playing with fire

Playing with fire
Sweet kerosene kiss
I should walk away
But I’m drawn in
And I can’t resist
Playing with fire

I took you up on a dance
You took me by surprise
When you whispered that you didn’t
Think I should be alone tonight
Damn those eyes

What is it about you baby
That’s got my heart screaming no
It started with a spark in the dark
Now it’s burning out of control
Playing with fire

7 Shiver 3:14 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames/Craig Hand/Clay Mills)

Whisper to me one more time
That you love me really love me
Cut me free from this prison
I been living in cold and lonely
Never felt this way before
Scared to death but wanting more

It shakes me deep
When you touch my skin
It let’s me know that I’ve let you in
The way you hold me tight
Don’t let go
You strip me down
Leaving me exposed
I surrender
Underneath your touch
I shiver

You’ve shown me how a heart can feel
When its loving with your loving
Inside your eyes the worlds so real
I can’t get enough of it

8 She Puts Love First 3:08 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Alex Dooley)

The baby cries at 3am
She just gets up again
She knows I got a long day at work
But I know that she does to
Even with the sleep she’ll loose
She keeps on going knowing
What its worth

She puts love first
In the choices that she makes
She puts love first
That’s just the way she’s made
She just keeps on giving
Till there’s nothing left of her
She puts love first

She saw a dress down at the mall
She wouldn’t give a second thought
That’s a brand new pair of shoes for her kids
And she’ll be there for me tonight
To her it’s not a sacrifice
She’ll thank God for all she’s got to give

She’s my reason for believing
When I don’t know where to turn
She knows faith and hope and love
Come from the word
But she puts love first

9 Let’s Make Some Waves 3:12 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Adam Shoenfeld/Shaun Ames)

Baby grab that blanket
Let’s head out to the sand
Take a little walk by the water
Pop a couple tops off a couple cans
We can start a little fire
Listen to the sound of the surf
Come on let me warm those hands up baby
Slide up under my shirt

When it feels this right
You got to sway all night
You just roll with
The way night moves
Throw those beach towels down
Ain’t a soul around
Till the sunrise comes and carries
The tide away
Let’s make some waves

Those boats out on the water
They can’t see this far
It’s only me and you
The man in the moon
And few million stars
It don’t get any better
Your sweet lips kissing on me
Getting tangled up in all your loving
Girl your all that I need

So come on girl hey
What to you say

10 Midnight Jesus 3:32 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Mark Narmore/Alex Dooley)

Most of the day I can tuck her away
Like some old forgotten book
On some old forgotten page
I walk straight down the path
With out ever looking back
I can’t see her smile
Or even hear her laugh
But when the sun goes down
Some where around

Midnight Jesus
She’s sweeping thru my soul
Wraps her arms around me
Like I never let her go
I don’t have the strength
But I know you got the power
You said that you’d be here for us
In our darkest hour
Well it’s midnight Jesus
It’s midnight Jesus

You’ve heard this prayer before
Lord get me thru one more
Keep my hands off the bottle
And my knees down on the floor
I’m surrounded by this darkness
All I do is toss and turn
I don’t know if this hell
I just know how bad it hurts

I’m falling I’m calling I’m gonna loose this fight
Before the morning comes lord I’m gonna need the light

11 Pour Whiskey On My Grave 3:56 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Marty Brown)

When I’m gone don’t bring me pretty flowers
Don’t sit and cry at my tombstone
Come and visit me in the midnight hour
With your party on

Think of me and recall all the good times
Bring your memories and a bottle of old Jim Beam
Take a swig as a haunted honky tonk moon shines
And remember me

Pour whisky on my grave
Let it seep into my bones
Have a drink with me
Even when I’m gone
I’ll do the same for you
If you’ll do the same for me
Turn it up and take a shot set my spirit free
Don’t forget the promise that you made
Pour whiskey on my grave

When my time is up
Don’t let the good times be gone
Let me still go like I wanted to go
Kicking it up and drinking with my boots on
With a restless soul

When I’m gone don’t bring me pretty flowers
Don’t sit and cry at my tombstone
Come and visit me in the midnight hour
With your party on

12 Playing for Keeps 3:18 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Ira Dean)

Normally I don’t play well others
But I’m feeling the change
Is it the moon light the red wine or your
Blue eyes that’s got me
Falling like a early morning Mississippi rain
I used to be the one
Who said forevers not for everyone
Love was just a old man’s game

I ain’t bluffing
It’s all in or all nothing
I ain’t gonna loose this loving
Girl I’m holding something
Forevers on the table
And if steady strong stable
What your banking on then bet on me
You better believe
I’m playing for keeps

Your silhouette those long legs
Thru that cotton dress
Brings my heart to my knees
Your cabernet kisses on my lips
Got my whispering please heaven please
Lord have mercy
You sure know hurting hurt me
Sure beats everything I ever seen

13 I Don’t Know How to Miss You 3:38 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/John Paul White)

You taught me how to stand my ground
Turn my cheek but don’t back down
Feel the tears but never let them show
Always hold my head up high
Trust that God has reasons why
When you find love
Don’t ever let it go
Everything you taught
Me turned to truth
But there’s one thing more
I wish I learned from you

I don’t know how to miss you
How to wish you Gods speed
And still keep holding on
Oh I know I know
How to hold you
Love you kiss you
But I don’t know how to miss you

You left before I could say goodbye
Had the chance to ask you why
Is life so short
But feels so long with out you here
Even after all this time
All this pain I feel inside
Sometime its just to much for me to bare
Standing here with your ashes in my hand
There’s so many things I just don’t understand

Seeing you hearing you
I want to never will again
And thats so hard to comprehend
Underneath your shadow
I learned to be a man
Now here in the sun alone I stand

14 Riding Dirty 3:15 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Ben Daniels)

My coolers packed up
We in the jacked up
Got my guns racked up
In the back glass
The rains been beating
The ground all day
Soaked to the bone
Now it’s time to play

Crank it up and get revved up real tight
Baby I know this is what you like
So give me a french and you can ride
I’ll let you kick it down in four wheel drive

Riding dirty
Get out and push
Cause were stuck in the mud
Riding dirty
Cruising on the creek bank
Sipping on a cold drink
Riding dirty
Slinging it all over us and all over this truck
Girl you got on your cheek
Slide on over next to
Baby you look so pretty
Riding dirty

It’s a traffic jam way out of town
On a back road look at all the mud holes
Every body’s got the hammer down
Jamming them gears
Pulling out somebody
Buried up to the windshield
Wheeling in the country
Give it to me honey

Sometimes when your a man
You got to climb a mountain just prove you can

15 Stoned 2:59 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames/Alex Dooley)

Can’t watch the news
It just depresses me
Seams like the whole world gone to hell
And that aint where I want to be
Gonna sit right here
Let the earth keep turning
Rome aint the only thing that burning

I’ll be out there on the back porch all day long
Aint got no where to be but gone
Watching that old lazy sun creep across a clear blue sky
Man I aint talking bout high

I aint stingy
I got plenty for this party crowd
If y’all aint busy
We can pass the good times around
An open mind is always best
Feeling right when it’s in my left hand

Cat fishing, bush hawging
These country folks are rocking