Where I Am Today

  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Independent
No. Track Duration
1 Get a Little Dirty 3:02 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames)

I aint afraid to get my truck
Covered in a little mud
Or carry a heavy load
All these guys with SUV’s
Man their killing me
Never take them off the road
I don’t blame them if I paid all that cash
I probably wouldn’t take them off the beaten path
I got an old truck with four-wheel drive in it
And I’m not bound by any city limits

I aint afraid to get a little dirty
It will wash off it aint gonna hurt me
Come on baby don’t you worry
I aint afraid to get a little dirty

My wife gets mad as hell
You know it never fails
Every time she mops the floor
When the house is good and clean
That’s when it always seams
I come walking through the door
But I know she finds it sexy
When I come home all hot and sweaty
Looks around and says the kids aren’t here
Pulls me close and says I’m not scared

She goes down to rent a movie, picks up two instead
One for the kids and one for when they go to bed

2 I Forgot About Lonely 3:52 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames)

Walking out was easy
I didn’t give it a second thought
I just wanted a little piece and quite
Now quiet’s all I got

I thought space was all I needed,
Maybe just a little time
But all this time here by myself
Never crossed my mind

I forgot about lonely
Or how long a night is without you
I forgot about lonely
I guess I didn’t think this thru
On my own I’m finally free
But I forgot about lonely

Everything that I was tired of
Is what I’m missing now?
All the thing’s that were so hard to live with
I’ve learned I can’t live without

We were always fighting
Should’ve been love we were fighting for
Would I be here by myself
If I knew what laid in store

Walking out was easy
I should’ve gave it a second thought

3 Broken Heart of Dixie 3:24 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Chris Moore)

They call her Dixie
She was born and raised
On Sweet Home Alabama
And Amazing Grace

She orders up a cold beer
When she walks through the door
Asks the band to play some Waylon
Then she’s out on floor

She’s all kind of fun when she’s out with her friends
Ah but every now and then

She heads straight to the bar
Cause he’s on her mind
She’s almost over him now
But from time to time
There’s some memory’s she just can’t drown without whiskey
Deep in the broken heart of Dixie

He came from Jersey
In his red corvette
The times they had
Aint been forgotten yet

The summer days were hot
The nights were too
She thought he loved her but
He was just passing thru

Every time she thinks about those red tail lights
Fading out of sight

She’s alright when his memory aint hanging around
But tonight it’s driving old Dixie down

4 Paid for It 3:47 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Mark Narmore)

That bar of chocolate fit right in my pocket
It’s the only thing I ever stole
I thought I was home free but I guess momma knows me
The guilt on my face must have shown
Momma bailed me out with two quarters and a dime
But when daddy got home that night

I paid for it. The shame I wore it. That cross I bore it,
But it didn’t break me down
Cause I learned from it. I’ve overcome it. That fight I won it
I can live with me now
Cause I paid for it.

We weren’t old enough
We weren’t even in love
And that night we got carried away
Then one morning she called
And said we need to talk
There’s a big decision that we need to make
We both agreed to make it disappear
We borrowed the money but over the years

Then one night in desperation knowing I was lost
Wanting salvation but I didn’t know the cost
I fell down to my knees and for the first time I prayed
And deep in my soul I know I heard him say

I paid for it. The shame I wore it. That cross I bore it,
But death couldn’t break me down
Cause I rose above it. I’ve overcome it. That fight I won it
So you can live with me now
Cause I paid for it
I paid for it. He paid for it

5 Hell or Mexico 3:32 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames/Alex Dooly)

The paper said that times were tough
The unemployment rate is up
In this old town
Since they shut the factory down
Two weeks of severance pay
For twelve years of my life thrown away
Uncle Jim was close to retirement
At fifty six now whose gonna hire him

Everything but gasoline has reached an all time low
It’s all gone to Hell or Mexico

Hard work and dedication
Don’t mean nothing on an application
If there aint no job to give
If one more thing gets closed down
This place is gonna be a ghost town
Then where we gonna live
If the only life we know
Has gone to Hell or Mexico

I hold my wife at night and wonder
What will do if this town goes under?
She says it’s just a recession
But it feels just like a depression
The preacher told the congregation
Don’t loose faith in these times were facing
Though the weight of the world’s on our shoulders
Lets all pray the worst is over

Everything but gasoline has reached an all time low
It’s all gone to Hell or Mexico

America I aint giving up
But when were down to push and shove

6 She Would Have Loved You 3:16 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames)

When you asked what I was thinking about
Today when dad came by the house,
You always know when something’s on my mind
I was wishing that you had the chance
To meet my mom before she passed
Cause your every thing she wanted me to find
If she only could have seen
How happy you make me

She would have loved you
For the joy you bring to my life
She would have loved the way you
See the world through innocent eyes
If she was here right now
To see that you’re the world
My heart revolves around
If she had got to know you like I do
She would have loved you

Eight hours in the delivery room
One life came in this world
One left too soon
Felt like the weight of the world on my chest
I tried so hard to understand
Until the doctor placed you in my hands
I know God’s will is something you don’t second-guess

7 Take One for the Team 4:14 Read Lyrics

(Shaun Ames/John Abernathy)

It was 1am the pickings was slim
My buddy had a girl that was looking at him
She had a friend that was looking at me
She had a Dr Pepper bottle she was spitting in
Chewing tobacco running all down her chin
She was every bit of 6ft 3
So I sucked it up and stepped up to the plate
She was looking at me like 12oz steak
If we got in fight I’d guaranteed she’d win
I bet she bench presses 310

I’ll be your copilot
Your wingman
I’ll do what ever I can
You can count on me
That’s what friends are for
I’ll put on my beer goggles
And drink a gallon of Jim Beam
And tonight I’ll take one for the team

I had one to many and I walked in
To the ladies restroom by accident
As I stumbled out I over heard her say

He’s got 2 left feet and he’s ugly as sin
And that drunk fool thinks I’m into him
And round after round he keeps making me pay
He talks about his self constantly
And don’t get me started on his hygiene
He’s as shady as an oak tree there’s no doubt
I hope he gets too drunk and passes out

8 Honkey Tonk in Heaven 3:20 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames)

The man in black is gone
No more Harlan Howard songs
Seven Spanish Angels have taken Ray Charles back home
I miss hearing Conway singing, “Don’t Take It Away”
It might be only make believe
But every night when I pray

If there is a honk-tonk in heaven
Can you picture the stage?
All those hall a famer’s
Up there singing, “Amazing Grace”
Imagine all them Opry heroes
Sing for the man
If there’s a honky-tonk in heaven
I bet they got one hell of a band

The night that Waylon died I cried
And it occurred to me
All the friends we’ve lost
In the country music family
Hank and Elvis, Patsy, Tammy
Whose gonna fill their shoes
Chet Atkins, and Monroe
Whitley, and Paycheck
God bless Chris Laduox

Walking through those swinging pearly gates someday if I can
Ride on the wings of a silver eagle up to the promise land

9 Difficult 3:45 Read Lyrics

(John Mabe/Jenny Ferrell)

In a town called difficult a mile from nowhere
Underneath the bright lights of the coffee county fair
There’s a young girl with stars in her eyes
Standing next to the tilt a whirl staring at the July sky
Tonight’s the night she’ll break away she can’t say goodbye
Cause they’ll just try to make her stay

It’s a hard road out it’s all up hill against the wind
It’s a small sad town full of dead ends
If you stay to long it will make you believe
It’s where you belong and you’ll never leave

A town called difficult a mile from nowhere
On a two-lane highway shattered glass everywhere
There’s a young boy with tears in his eyes
Lying next to a Pontiac staring at the July sky
He always thought there’d come a day
If he drove fast enough he just might get a way

They both saved up some cash
For groceries and a lot of gas
They planned to move to Denver
And live forever

In a town called difficult a mile from nowhere
Underneath the bright lights of the Coffee County Fair
There’s a young girl with tears in her eyes
Standing next to the tilt-a-whirl staring at the July sky

10 She’s Playing Hard to Get Over 3:25 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Jenny Farrell)

She’s been sitting there all night long
And hadn’t looked my way
I’d walk over and talk to her
If I could figure out what to say

She’s been smiling and laughing
Acting like she doesn’t know
I been watching her waiting
Debating if I should I leave or say hello

I keep seeing her around
This unforgiving town
It’s hard to keep on going knowing I used to hold her
Man it hurts just to hear her name
Does she know how good she is at this game?
I’d swear she’s playing hard to get
If I didn’t know her
But I know her
She’s playing hard to get over

When her smile lights up this room
It hurts to see the truth
Doesn’t matter how much you love somebody
If they don’t love you

I guess goodbye don’t take
The heartache with it when it goes
She’s thinking bout me to I promise you
But she’d never let it show

11 Here with Me 3:57 Read Lyrics


12 Where There’s a Will There’s Wayne 2:57 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Alex Dooley)

They met in the principle office
When they were ten years old
Will lit a cherry bomb and tossed it
In the commode
Wayne was sitting there refusing to confess
For looking up the teachers dress

From that day forward they were
Partners in crime
They’d be together for sure
Raising hell all the time
They were the best of friends always gonna be
Thick as thieves

Where there’s a Will there’s a Wayne
Terrorizing this town
Driving folks insane
If you see one running
You can bet the other’s coming
No doubt they’re up to something
Till there dying day
Where there’s a Will there’s Wayne

When they were 16 they did doughnuts
On the court house lawn
At 23 still hadn’t grown up
Not one bit at all
They took turns taking the blame cause that’s what’s friends do,
But every body knew

They played baseball with a mailbox
They stole the high school’s mascot
In twenty years they’ll be the same
Where there’s a Will there’s Wayne

13 Daddy’s Shoes 3:20 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Matt Shephard)

Down on the corner of Maple Street
I was sitting there at daddy’s feet
Back when you could get a shoeshine for a dime
He taught me a lesson that day
How a man is branded by the way
He looks and how he walks the line
He said son why it matters I don’t know
Cause you cant always see the soul

You can tell a lot about a man
From the shoes he’s wearing
If he lives the easy life
Or if there’s a heavy cross he’s bearing
Where you’ve been, and where you’re going
People judge you without even knowing
If it’s hell you just walked thru
Looking back I’ve got off track a time or two
But I could always see myself in daddy’s shoes

Saturday night I found my self in jail
I called daddy to make my bail
He walked through the door in his Sunday suit
I was sitting there so ashamed
When I heard him call my name
He said son don’t worry I’ve been in your shoes
He said boy how you got here I don’t know
But your running nowhere fast wearing out your soul

The steps you take, and the choices you make
Are all that matters when it’s done?
Daddy said as long as you trying to follow
In the footsteps of the Son
I can always find myself in daddy’s shoes

14 Pour Me Something Smooth 3:46 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames)

Pour me something smooth
My days been pretty tough
Yeah that’s good and strong
But not quit strong enough
Do you have anything
That will ease the broken hearted
She says were finished
But I’m just getting started

Cause the days are long as the night are cold
And her memory is all that I have left to hold
I could go home but there’s nothing to go home to
Since she walked out of my life
I’m barely getting by
It’s been rough pour me something smooth

She knows that I come here
When I’m feeling down
I usually head home
After just one round
Tonight I’ll drink a little more
And stay a little longer
Once this one’s finished
I need something stronger

I’m not over her I’m not ready to just yet
But just for tonight I’d like to forget

15 First in Line for Last Call 2:59 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/Shaun Ames)

Last call for alcohol
One more round before they shut us down
I don’t want this night to end at all
I’m running out of time if I don’t get me some
When the jukebox goes off
And the lights come on
At closing time
I’ll be the first in line for last call

Don’t have no pick up lines, no icebreakers
I’m always asking but I got no takers
I guess its safe to say I have no game
I ran off all the women
Drank most the beer
I aint got to go home
But they say I can’t stay here

You can’t blame a man for trying
I’ll give it one more chance
If you’ll just lower your standards
I’m your man

16 Pouring Down Pain 3:31 Read Lyrics

(Jami Grooms/James Leblanc)

I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy
Nothing short of dying is gonna set me free
Oh that woman sure done a number on me
Oh but I’ll get by

Curse the sun for rising afraid of the dark
Screaming at the demons that love left in my heart
Can’t break these chains that bind me I’m falling apart
Since she said goodbye

Aint a single cloud in the sky

But it’s pouring down pain
Coming in waves
Just this side of sane
I could go either way
Drowning in sorrow
Dreading tomorrow
It’s hard to keep on going
Knowing I’m the one to blame
for this pouring down pain

I’m gonna wake up one day and lay this heartache down
Stop feeling sorry for myself and turn it all around
But I know there’s no relief for me right now
I keep holding on

Damn it’s almost dawn